Animals in one’s own good time.
Beestentijd is the second full album by HOERA.


Having walked all day, Ti nested herself in the cool shade of a leafy tree. She looked around for a moment and saw a giant colony of ants moving about frantically next to her. „Hello” she said to the ants. But not a single one seemed to notice. It made her think for a while about the tiny scurrying insects.

Rapidly a little colorful bird flew from the top of the tree to its lowest branch. „What’s going on?” Ming chirped. „I heard you screaming for so long. Who are you talking to?” „I just wanted to chat a little with the ants, but they ignore me completely. Too busy, I guess.” Ti lamented in her warm low voice. „They just don’t hear you, most likely your voice sounds too low and slow to their ears. I can’t even speak with them.” Ming replied.

In the meanwhile the ants took a long break to relax from their busy day. They wondered why Ti had been watching them the whole afternoon. “Her life is a truly relaxed one.” they concluded.