Come on feet

Combining the power and improvisation of underground dance cultures with the flexibility and techniques from contemporary dance. A performance of Footwork, House & Afro dance with live music from granvat. We had a great start in 2020 and we are looking forward for new shows in 2021, pass by if you can!



03•10•20 | Come on Feet
Deinze, BE

06•10•20 | Come on Feet
Artonov festival, Brussel, Be INFO

08•10•20 | Come on Feet
CC Diest, BE

10•10•20 | Come on Feet
Amok festival
Kaap, Brugge, Be

15•10•20 | Come on Feet
Arenberg, Antwerp, BE

22•10•20 | Come on Feet
Heist op den berg, BE

28•10•20 | Come on Feet
Stuk, Leuven, BE

29•10•20 | Come on Feet
Stuk, Leuven, BE

30•10•20 | Come on Feet
Sint Niklaas, BE

21•11•20 | Come on Feet
Le Delta, Namur, BE INFO

26•02•21 | Come on Feet
CC de Factorij, Zaventem INFO

Come on feet is a dance and live music performance coming from the energy and craft of underground dance forms (footwork, house, afro house, beats) but with the aesthetics of a contemporary dance performance. Footwork was the start of it all that really appealed to our imagination. This music and dance style developed within the street culture of Chicago and has spread rapidly globally in recent years. Together with house and afro dance styles, we present these dance styles in a performance with live club music. The performance is constantly evolving and the next step of the creation is taking place in September with a team of 5 dancers and 2 musicians on stage led by choreographer Bui Ngoc Quan. With Come on Feet we seek the encounter between urban club culture and modern dance.



Produced by granvat

Music Bert and Stijn Cools

Choreography Quan Bui Ngoc                       

Dancers  Samantha Mavinga, Boule Mpanya, David ‘rabba’ Kinkela, Raquel Suarez Duenas, Joffrey Anane, Hendrickx Ntela

Light  Yann Windey

Sound Peter Desmedt and Nick Symons 

Coproduction Kaap, De Singel and Stuk 

Distribution Frans Brood

Management Rockoco 

Movies Robin De Cock