13•07•17 on Gent Jazz  festival INFO

Hoera., winner of the Jong Jazztalent Ghent award in 2016, is working with the Belgian producer Roman Hiele. Hiele conquers the underground hearts both nationally and internationally with his obsession for electric sounds and jazz. Hoera., one of the original projects of the granvat platform, continues to scan the boundaries of the jazz trio. In this completely new project “émimo”, their own recordings of the renowned Lithuanian Jauna Muzika Chamber Choir form the thread. Hoera. will process the audio of the 24- choir and to new materialin dialog with Hiele. In”émimo” both the intimate acoustic and the modern sound of wide electronics are found. Hoera. feat. Hiele creates a musical world where it’s wonderful to get lost in between songs, film music, jazz and soundscape. Expect a gentle breeze, sunshine, intimacy, and a hybrid mix of improvisation & electronics.

Bert Cools – guitar
Dries Laheye – electric bass
Stijn Cools – drums
Roman Hiele – electronics & sampling
Vilnius choir Juana Muzika under the guidance of conductor Vaclovas Augustinas