Hoera. : Bert Cools (guitar), Dries Laheye (bass) & Stijn Cools (drums). 

Special guests:
Eyvind Kang (violin – US)
Harmen Fraanje (piano – NL)
Indre Jurgeleviciute (kankles, voice – LT)

Belgian guitarist Bert Cools was still young when he created his own groups and projects. (Hoera., Merope, Book of Air, Pudding oO, JK’s Kamer). He also plays as a sideman in many bands (Fabrizio Cassol Birds Project, Bruno Vansina quintet and orchestra, Bender Banjax, Hendrik Vanattenhoven quartet, Janos Bruneel Lingo quintet, chorale lituanienne Jaunamusika, Sabrina Starke (Blue Note)).

Bert dreams to once be able to expand his trio Hoera. (Pracht – 2013) with some prestigious guests he particularly likes. He thinks of the American violinist, arranger and composer Eyvind Kang who, in addition to his own compositions, has played in other bands (John Zorn, Mr. Bungle, Sunn o))), Bill Frisell’s Quartet). Bert also dreams of playing with Dutch jazz pianist Harmen Fraanje and he admires the entirety of his work. Harmen has played with an impressive roster of musicians and is part of numerous groups (Eric Vloeimans, the quartet of American saxophonist Michael Moore or Norwegian bassist Mats Eilertsen). He also created his own groups (such as his trio with cellist Ernst Reijseger and vocalist and percussionist Mola Sylla). To complete his ‘dream team’, Bert thinks to invite the Lithuanian musician Indre Jurgeleviciute with her perfect mastery of the beautiful stringed instrument, the Kankles (Baltic lute) and her voice.

Brosella carte blanche makes Bert Cools longtime dream come true: extending his trio Hoera. to a special sextet for a unique performance at Brosella. The combination of these talented artists promises a top concert, full of colour and magical jazz improvisations. So be ready for a surprising alchemy between these six musicians around Bert’s compositions.