BOOK OF AIR is a series of bundled compositions for improvised music, exploring the parameters of sound and time.
Fieldtone is the first chapter.

Fieldtone refers to ‘roomtone’:

Roomtone is the “silence” recorded at a location or space when no music is played or dialogue spoken. Every room is different, and these recordings always carry their unique character.
The compositions of fieldtone are inspired by the tempo and
sonic textures of specific nature locations.

The sound to be found in nature has a very slow groove. A groove embedded by silence, and so slow it can almost only be felt while spending a few hours in the nature at sea, during a forest trip, in open fields, … It is this groove and the “silence” of nature that was an inspiration for the fieldtone compositions.

By embedding this silent slowness into the compositions, the details of the sounds played become much more prominent. In this way the silence in the music amplifies the sounds that are played, and will also amplify the room surrounding the listener.

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