Omai omai, ain’t that great? sure is; woehoew, joepie, hooray!! Welcome to granvat, have a nice stay! Like a flock of birds in the sky, or a big field of fresh Blueberry pies. It’s a gathering of particles. Energy beams of sun, can you move my pedals: oh you just bought them? let’s go surfing in 5/4. I’ll take waves of quintuplets, and transpose them 1 octave. Turn those knobs. Look at this ocean made out of many tiny waterdrops. Do it together and share, just 1 stroke roll away, hitting that vintage oK with care. Mix master granulator, in 16:9. Sounding forever like a 23″ floor tom, with huge amounts of cpu it can be done. Since we are born we share this repertoire. Into discovering a new park. Sure!! Within just a breeze and some extra fresh air. Like a forest, always ready for a walk.