Omai omai, ain’t that great? sure is; woehoew, joepie, hooray!! Welcome to granvat, have a nice stay! Like a flock of birds in the sky, or a big field of fresh Blueberry pies. It’s a gathering of particles. Energy beams of sun, can you move my pedals: oh you just bought them? let’s go surfing in 5/4. I’ll take waves of quintuplets, and transpose them 1 octave. Turn those knobs. Look at this ocean made out of many tiny waterdrops. Do it together and share, just 1 stroke roll away, hitting that vintage oK with care. Mix master granulator, in 16:9. Sounding forever like a 23″ floor tom, with huge amounts of cpu it can be done. GO Tell ’em we are on it, doing our thing, not about bling. Since we are born we share this repertoire. Into discovering a new park. Sure!! Within just a breeze and some extra fresh air. Like a forest, always ready for a walk.